I’m currently taking a Robotics class at Butte College. The only drawback to this course is their insistence on using the “EasyC” drag-and-drop programming tool for their robots. This is fine for beginners, and I understand the class is aimed at novices and those without heavy programming backgrounds. However, for someone who knows how to program this is boring. Extremely boring.

Thus I’ve been trying to get OpenVex to compile over the last few days on my Macbook Pro and Ubuntu install. I’ve ran into numerous problems trying to get it to compile properly on OSX and Debian-based distros. This library was originally written in FreeBSD and as such it has the best support for that environment. I finally solved my problem by using a FreeBSD virtual machine to compile my files. For now, this is a brief post to point people in the right direction if they have interest in OpenVex. I’ll follow up with a more thorough post of my build environment and how I set it up later.