Most of this article is 5 years out of date, and probably of no use

I’m a pretty avid linux user, and I try to minimize the time I spend in Windows, even for a game as fun as Dwarf Fortress. I was very happy to hear that there are linux packages available for the game now, as that wasn’t always the case. If anyone reading this hasn’t yet played Dwarf Fortress, I implore you to grab the game from their main site and follow along.

Unfortunately, the in game GUI for managing dwarf tasks is, to put it softly, abysmal once you’ve got a decent sized fortress. That’s where Dwarf Therapist comes in, which is a great third party dwarf management tool. If you’re on a debian-based distro, they offer debian packages which makes installation trivial.

However, ArchLinux users aren’t so fortunate in terms of an easy installation, as Dwarf Therapist must be compiled. However, this is actually a benefit, as the current version of DT also has a very annoying bug in which custom professions do not work. What follows is a guide to compile DT for ArchLinux, and in the process apply a patch during the build that fixes the custom profession bug.

An Arch User Repository (AUR) package for Dwarf Therapist exists, which makes compilation of the package very simple. I’ll go step by step for anyone who hasn’t compiled a package using the Arch Build System (ABS) before, but if you’re not even sure what these things are, I strongly recommending reading the two wiki pages I’ve linked. Follow the ABS guide if you don’t have it already installed on your system.

Navigate to your ABS tree, creating some extra folders for AUR packages.

$ cd /var/abs
$ mkdir -p local/aur && cd local/aur

The AUR package for Dwarf Therapist is located here (It is now out of date, as is most of this article) . Now we’ll copy the link location of the “Tarball” link on that page, pull it to our local system, extract it and delete the archive.

$ wget
$ tar -xzvf dwarftherapist-hg.tar.gz
$ rm dwarftherapist-hg.tar.gz
$ cd dwarftherapist-hg

Currently there’s an open issue in the ticket tracker for Dwarf Therapist. Download linux-nickname.hg and place it in /var/abs/local/aur/dwarftherapist-hg/. Edit the PKGBUILD file, and locate line 40, which should read:

hg checkout 9ac1306c2abd

Add these two lines directly after that line.

hg unbundle ../../linux-nickname.hg
hg update

All that’s left then is to build the package and install it.

$ makepkg -s
sudo pacman -U dwarftherapist-hg-0.6.10-2-i686.pkg.tar.xz

If both steps succeeded, go ahead and try to run your freshly patched and compiled copy of Dwarf Therapist.

$ dwarftherapist &

If all has gone well, you should see dwarf fortress launch and probably complain that you don’t have an instance of Dwarf Fortress running. Success!