stdoutCoding and Technology

I’ve recently been trying out Vagrant for a couple different tasks in my development workflow, and I’ve found it to be truly wonderful in certain roles. For those that haven’t heard of it, Vagrant is basically a wrapper that makes managing development virtual machines much less painful. I’m using it with VirtualBox, but it also supports software such as VMWare and server environments including Amazon EC2.

Rust is a new open source systems programming language which guarantees memory safety and supports concurrency without data races. It’s not actually an official Mozilla project, but rather something to come out of the Mozilla community. It’s a compiled, minimal runtime language that manages to feel like C++ and Ruby at the same time. The current “stable” release is 0.10, and many things are in flux currently as developers work hard to push towards the 1.0 release.

Recently I was sent a review copy of SFML Game Development by Packt Publishing. SFML stands for the “Simple and Fast Multimedia Library”, and is one of two major libraries used in 3D OpenGL graphics programming. The competitor to SFML is SDL, which is a C library. Comparatively, SFML is written in C++. I’ll cover an overview of the book’s contents and a quick review.