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There are a few posts that have broken images, due to having a less than bullet-proof image system. On top of that, some posts are just completely out of date due to the age of the topic it’s written about.

If you have a Debian server, there are different reasons that you might not want to run a mail server, or you might not even be able to. Setting up postfix or sendmail can be a complicated, daunting task that not a lot of people have the time or interest to do. Even if you want to, if you’re running your server at home there’s a good chance your ISP blocks outgoing email on port 25. This is a simple solution for setting up outgoing-only SMTP for your server.

Every project is going to start accumulating a list of things that would be nice to have, or that you just need to get around to, but not right at this moment. There are all sorts of tools you can use to track these things, from Github Issues to Tomboy all the way down to the lowly todo.txt file. That’s exactly what we’re here to talk about.